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Boole Server

Securely share & Control your Documents

Minimise risk, and control your documents – even after emailing and sharing

Boole Server™ Is a Document Security Platform, it protects your businesses against unauthorised viewing, manipulation, theft, and distribution of confidential documents.

The Boole Server™ security platform provides enterprise wide rights management and flexibly managed access to documents and data, with full auditing capabilities.

Besides offering maximum security, Boole Server™ solves five key problems:

  • The need to eliminate risk in sending and sharing sensitive documents - both internally and externally.
  • The need to maintain control over distribution of documents and data before and after release
  • The need to quickly and easily implement subtle, high grade access policies, based on status, location, functional role or security clearance - right down to an individual level
  • Prevents Piracy of designs, intellectual property and sensitive documents.
  • Simplifies the burden of audit, tracing and compliance issues

Control your documents securely And minimise Risk!

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