Digium/Asterix VOiP Solutions


Digium/Asterix VOip Solutions

NSSL are a Microsoft Certified Partner


Microsoft Certified Partner

Remote Monitoring Service


Remote Monitoring Service

Newtwork Guardian: Please contact us for a free maintenance appraisal and external network security audit.


Network Guardian

No More Backup Tapes?


Backup Technology

Boole Server


Boole Server

We specialize in the design and build of robust voice and data networks to ensure a smooth and efficient business

We have more than 20 years experience in building, managing and supporting IT infrastructure. We provide IT equipment, services ,and support to over 350 businesses in the UK and Ireland. Read more about our customers...

How Secure is your Data?

  • Are you happy that your mission critical data is adequately protected?
  • Do your backup systems provide you with an acceptable Disaster Recovery plan?
  • Is data held on mobile user devices protected against loss or theft?
  • Are you in compliance with your obligations to the Data Protection Act?

How Secure is your Network?

Are you unsure about the health and security of your network?

NSSL can perform a free external Network Penetration test to check how secure your network is from unwanted outside intruders or interference.

We can also run an internal network security scan and audit your network for security holes and data integrity exposures.

Please contact NSSL for advice on any of these issues.

Data Compliance & ISO27001

NSSL, through its subsidiary Data Compliance Ltd can review your internal procedures and security practices to help ensure that you are in compliance with EU Law and recommend any corrective measure that may be necessary.

Securely share & control sensitive documents