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Disaster Planning

Business Recovery Service

How do you make contingency plans to cover a major disaster, fire, flood, major electrical surge?. Avail of our Business Recovery Service. We commit to having a working network installed with your up to date data (subject to the availability of  valid backups) within 24 hours.

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Replication Servers and real time backup

Even the most thorough business continuity plan is no substitute for an equally thorough disaster recovery plan. No enterprise IT infrastructure is immune from the many disasters - disk crashes, power failures, human error, natural disasters - that will inevitably stop the flow of data at one or more of your facilities. When that time comes, IT will be on the hook for dusting off the disaster recovery plan and restoring the valuable data that had been created since the last back up. Will your disaster recovery plan work?

If your disaster recovery plan includes recovery solutions based on real-time replication servers, the answer will be a resounding yes. Tape-based disaster recovery can only restore data to the point of the last backup, which was most likely the prior night. Any data created since the last backup will be lost. An effective disaster recovery plan requires a comprehensive data protection plan which includes tape backup, whole server recovery, failover and continuous data replication.

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Secure Offsite Data Backup

Protecting your mission critical data is of the utmost importance. The Secure Offsite Data Backup service gives you ultimate peace of mind. Your data is backed up at a pre-determined time each day (usually overnight), via a DSL (Broadband) line or better to a secure data vault provided by InterXion Ltd a world leader in the provision of secure data vaults. Your data is fully encrypted during the backup process and all connectivity to the data vault whether via public internet or private connectivity is protected by the security measures expected from a world leader in the Data Vault industry.

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Ultrabac For Windows

Simply backing your data up is not enough, thought has to be applied to the restore process and server rebuild in the event of a serious component failure. A server rebuild without the availability of a full system rebuild backup can take days. Full system rebuild backup options are available from NSSL for all Microsoft, Unix & Linux based servers.

UltraBac Software has focused on delivering the fastest, easiest-to-use backup and disaster recovery software for over 20 years. Complete protection of your business systems -- guaranteeing your critical information is always available.

UltraBac Software has built its reputation on quality backup products. Let Ultrabac and NSSL  help you safeguard your company and the disaster out of disaster recovery.

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Backup & Restore Audits

We will audit your backup and restore method and procedures and advise on the best backup options to suit your business and will also advise if the current best practice is being employed.

We also provide a test restore facility that will check the integrity of your data backups and ensure compliance with audit requirements. The procedure is fully documented and a time stamped certificate will be issued confirming the successful completion of the test.  You simply provide us with a full system backup, we restore it onto a blank server in our premises and give you the facility to dial in and run test reports. All servers are wiped clean after the test.

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